Auto Graphix | Kids Wall Art
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Kids Wall Art

Brighten up your child's life - Call now on 0161 312 9940

Stimulate your child’s imagination

Do you want to transform your child’s bedroom or playroom from a dull and lifeless space into a magical wonderland?


Does your child have a favourite cartoon character or do they want to become a spaceman or a princess when they grow up? You can create your child’s fantasy playground with our customised vinyl graphics and they won’t mark or damage any walls or surface that you apply them to.


Make going to bed a pleasure for your child!

Perfect for any room – not just for kids

You don’t have to just be a kid to enjoy using vinyl decorations to brighten and add interest to a room.


If you are wanting to create a themed room, even if just for a party, vinyl graphics are ideal.

Graphics suitable for:

  • Whole walls
  • Mirrors
  • Wardrobes
  • Doors
  • And many other places!